Take Time with Your Partner

Take Time to Enjoy Your Partner

Take Time to Enjoy Your Partner

Take Time with Your Partner

It’s easy to let everything get in the way and forget to take the time to enjoy each other.  Making a special effort to spend time together is super important if a couple wants the relationship to grow.

Without meaningful time it’s easy to fall into old routine eventually drifting apart. This often leads to apathy and this may even lead to the eventual possibility of divorce.

Honestly, life is busy, between work, family, and other distractions its understandable that the only time we see our partner is a last kiss goodnight.

This alone is not enough to keep love alive let alone a happy and healthy marriage. Sometimes we need a little reminder of ways we can spend time as a couple.  Before we begin its important to recognize what keeps us busy. By recognizing the signs we can either eliminate time wasters and organize time for togetherness.

You deserve more from your relationship – and so does your spouse!

What does quality time mean? It means spending time with your spouse without interruption. It’s a

1. Recognize the Signs

If you want a healthy relationship, you have to learn how to recognize the signs that you need to spend more quality time together.

Some telltale signs include:

  •  Always on your phones
  • You aren’t together during important events
  • Arguing more often or lack connection
  • Friendships or hobbies over quality time with your spouse
  • You don’t make plans or date nights
  • You’re not happy

If you are experiencing any of these relationship symptoms, know that quality time together can reverse the negative effects of the signs above.

2. Schedule in Tech-Free Time

Your phone is a great way to listen to music, watch videos, and keep up-to-date with friends and family. But is your phone good for your relationship?

Many couples phone snub, or ‘phub’, one another. Snubbing is a sure way to lower relationship satisfaction and increase one’s chances of depression.

2. Try New Things Together

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance or speak another language? How about pottery or a new cooking technique?

Instead of viewing these as solo hobbies and interests, why not involve your partner?

Trying new activities together opens the door to learning more about each other. It encourages healthy relationships and intimacy as you connect.

Shared hobbies also promote marital friendship, which is key to a strong marriage. The Journal of Happiness Studies found that marital satisfaction was twice as high for couples who viewed each other as best friends.

3. Work Out Together

One way you can spend more time together as a couple is by becoming workout partners.  Couples also work out harder than they would solo. 

Join a gym, do at-home couples’ workouts, or try couples yoga, hit the trails, or get your bikes out. No matter which way you choose to exercise, these healthy activities can promote a healthy relationship.

4. Cook Meals Together

You both have to eat, so make meal time a way to take time to enjoy with your partner. Pop open a bottle of wine or put some romantic music on while you get busy – cooking up a little romance — romantic meals, of course!

Spice things up and try and prepare a four-course meal or a fancy Italian dish together. Not only is this a fun way to spend your time together, but it also promotes teamwork and togetherness.

5. Have a Regular Date Night

Couples experience a greater sense of happiness and less stress when they are spending quality time together. One of the biggest relationship tips for a healthy, respectful partnership is to include a date night in your weekly routine.

Great Way to Take Time With Your Partner

Some great ideas for what to do on your date night include:
  • Have a movie marathon – Gather up your favorite flicks and cuddle up on the couch with some popcorn.
  • Plan a weekend getaway – There’s nothing better than traveling with the one you love.
  • Dinner and a movie – A classic!
  • Try a new restaurant – Make it your mission to rate and try all of the Irish pubs/French bistro’s, etc in your area.
  • Play games together – Cards, board games, video games, and other creative outlets are a fun way to spend quality time together.

Final Thoughts and Benefits of Time Together

The benefits of spending quality time together are endless. Here are just some of the ways it can contribute to a healthy relationship:

  • Improves emotional and physical intimacy
  • Improves communication
  • Reduces marital boredom
  • Bonds couples closer
  • Improves friendship
  • Lowers divorce rates
  • Improves communication
  • Reduces marital boredom
  • Bonds couples closer
  • Improves friendship
  • Boosts health
  • Reduces stress

These are all excellent reasons to start making date night a regular part of your week  as you take quality time together.

These relationship tips will bring great benefits to your marriage.

Finding new things to do together that both parties will enjoy is another good way to create the opportunity to spend some time together as a couple. These new a activities should ideally be the kind that both parties will enjoy, however sometimes it may be necessary to indulge in something that only one of the partners really enjoy.

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